goals | august

It appears I am human after all. The goals I set for July have stretched me too far.

Again, I almost reached my weigh-in target so I feel like I’m doing well there.

But I didn’t make the time to practice writing the Hiragana and Katakana characters. And I have only learned about 50 new Kanji, nowhere near my target of 400.

Also, my Japanese vocabulary is growing but I wouldn’t pretend for a moment it has increased by 100 words. Not even half that.

I still have a backlog of photographs to process although I’m probably shooting twice a week which is OK.

My focus has been totally on exercise which has meant blogging has been sporadic.

I’m proud to say my Skype efforts have remained almost daily.

This combination of success and failure has taught me two valuable lessons:

1. Do not overcommit by having too many goals.

They need to be realistic and achievable. Otherwise I’m just setting myself up to fail.

2. Once my goals for the month are set, I need to generate a plan of action.

To detail in my calendar when I’m going to run, study, photograph, blog and Skype. It may be that after doing this I see there’s too much given the limited time available.

OK. So, with this in mind, I’m going to create new goals for August. Wish me luck:

1. weigh-in at 70kg

2. learn 50 new words of Japanese vocabulary
3. learn to read another 100 Japanese Kanji characters

4. photograph and process images twice a week
5. update all three blogs twice a week

6. run four times a week
7. climb a new mountain in Japan once a week
8. 45 push-ups
9. 5-minute plank

10. Skype the family daily whilst I’m overseas

Plenty to do but not quite so onerous.

Kim | 71.6

5 thoughts on “goals | august

  1. Quite a set of goals there =) The key is to evolve towards our goals without becoming attached to the outcomes of those goals. Easier said than done. =)

  2. I so absolutely LOVE how well you have defined SUCCESS. Fantastic effort.
    Are you tracking against your current state for each of those?
    I’m aiming to ride 50km a week on my bike, so good luck with your goal of running four times a week.

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  4. Thanks. I’m already running 4x a week so as long as I keep to my current routine I should be fine. And I have climbed a mountain here in Japan for each of the past 3 weeks so again that will good so long as I don’t lose momentum.

    The push-ups and plank are targets I hope to achieve with some focus and hard work.

    If I can allocate enough time to it the study, photography and blogging will also go to plan.

    The weight-loss is the hardest objective but the one I care about the most. The initial reason for this blog I guess and the ultimate goal that I set on day 1.

    Good luck with your 50km per week on the bike.

    Cheers. Kim*

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