weigh-in | week 21


So close. Oh, so close.

70kg has been my goal right from the start.

And it’s been quite the journey.

I had hoped to lose about a kg a week.

But I quickly learned that what I wanted and what my body wanted were two different things.

I was also adamant that I would not fall into the trap of counting calories. It’s not natural.

Yes, if I had done so, I may have lost the weight faster.

But it may have also meant an unhealthy obsession with food. Something I’ll post about shortly.

So here we are. A heart beat away from success.

Kim | 71.1

9 thoughts on “weigh-in | week 21

  1. The last 1.1 will come in its time, not your own. Exercise, eat right, be calm and think clearly – it will fall into place.

    You’ve come a long way. A couple more weeks of travelling wont be any great dissapointment a year from now.

  2. you are so close!!! Hang in there! And keep us posted on the unhealthy obsession with food, I’ve been there (and think I still am).

  3. Way to go. It’s just one more kg. You will get there. Congrats on your loss so far!!

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