weigh-in | week 22


A week of consolidation.

Last week was a very large drop so it doesn’t surprise me.

Nothing has changed. I still eat well and exercise regularly.

But more importantly, I remain substantially sugar-free.

Which makes it a relatively easy and painless process.

These fluctuations are all just a part of the swings-and-roundabouts.

Kim | 71.3


6 thoughts on “weigh-in | week 22

  1. I am starting to join you on the “no sugar” thing, but I haven’t fully kept my word, I’m making it gradual. But I must tell you it is feeling GOOOD.

  2. Awesome. Do it gradually. Pick a food type a week e.g. soft drink, fast food, chocolate. You will have infinite more energy. And you will not be governed by the cravings which although you think they are a willpower issue, are actually more of a chemical reaction inside your brain and not really under your control. Kim*

  3. You are doing so well. By my calculations you are not overweight at all…or if so, certainly not by much. Have you ever thought of sharing some of your recipes?

  4. You’re correct. Technically I am no longer overweight as my BMI is 24.7. But 70kg is a nice round number to aim for, don’t you think?

    I will start posting more recipes next month when I return home to Sydney from Tokyo.

    Cheers. Kim*

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