running on empty – guest post

Boomie Bol

When Boomie Bol graciously accepted my offer to write a guest post I was flattered and excited yet I had no idea where to begin.

What aspect of my life to I draw upon?

All my blogs are journals of sorts that aim to provide advice. By sharing my experiences I hope that I can help others in some small way.

But, what would readers of Boomie’s beautiful poetry be interested in?

Whilst I don’t consider myself an author, I can string a few words together that occasionally resemble a coherent sentence.

I am a photographer by trade so I could relate something of my current travels in Tokyo, Japan.

But then there’s the whole process of my losing weight recently that has taught me a lot about food, mental strength and physical fitness.

Yet if I like to help others, doesn’t it make sense to do something for…

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