How Corn Syrup Makes America Fat


18 thoughts on “How Corn Syrup Makes America Fat

  1. I disagree. Americans WANT to blame High Fructose Corn Syrup for the fact that they eat and drink like hogs, and refuse to exercise. This entire post is a cop out. If HFCS was a part of your otherwise balanced diet, combined with moderate exercise, it wouldn’t somehow magically make you fat.

  2. I amend my last post, since I’ve read further; this entire post was driven by politically-driven pseudo-science. Dr. Pimental is a politically dogma driven quack and should not be taken seriously when he states that so-called “organic” (all food is organic, and those who misuse that word should be pointed out as the idiots they are) corn yields the same as normal corn raising methods. This statement is unsupported by any actual scientific data. See anything published by a real agricultural University and NOT some Upper Northeast political elitist school.

  3. I think blaming HFCS is too easy. I actually blame fructose “without the skin”. But you may disagree with that as well.

    Yet I do know that since giving up sugar (namely sucrose) I have managed to lose 12kg.

    My thinking is largely based on the books by David Gillespie. Links to them are on my “books” page.

    Thank you to your input. Kim*

  4. In that case it’s a real concern that stuff like this can be published. I feel that I should remove the reblog. What are your thoughts? Kim*

  5. It’s an exchange of ideas. Leave it where it is, and let people poke holes in my counterargument. It is based on facts; I am just disputing the use of those facts.

  6. I’ve lost a bunch of weight and kept it off, while retaining a high level of fitness. It’s a lot easier if you look at food as energy, and give yourself a “budget”. Fats and sugars get you energy in abundance, and as a result, it takes less to break the piggy bank. If you look at it that way, you won’t eat a lot of fats and sugars anyway, because controlled starvation, which is what weight loss is refocuses you to keep your stomach as full as possible. So you get there without the high-falutin’ science stuff anyways… 😉

  7. By the way, have you noticed how much better food tastes since you’ve lost weight? I found that my body started wanting more nutritious foods once I endured weight loss, and flavors became much more distinguishable and desirable once I quit shoving everything I could find into my mouth.

  8. Except I’m not a an of “calorie counting” preferring to allow my appetite to naturally control my eating habits. Dangerous perhaps for people prone to binging but a policy of “no sugar” does make it relatively easy for me. Kim*

  9. Actually, hunger, and something I referred to as “eating assignments”. I took it upon myself to approach meals intentionally, and would eat my meal, and just my meal, as well as programmed snacks. It’s probably just a goal oriented “guy thing”.

  10. And that makes perfect sense as I know it’s ultimately an energy deficit that facilitates weight-loss. Our bodies need to access that required energy from somewhere: stored glucose (glycogen), stored fat, and stored protein (muscles).

    That’s partly why exercise is important during a time of weight-loss: to counteract our body tapping into our muscle protein for energy. And yet it’s part of the weight-loss many people “see” on the scales. I think it’s far better to think in terms of fat-loss but unfortunately it’s a little harder to measure. Although dropping a belt notch or two is a pretty good indicator.

    Cheers. Kim*

  11. Hi Andrea. You’re quite right. I should have credited you correctly in the first place. Thank you for your email. Sorry I’ve taken a while to respond but my travels and work have made it difficult up until now.

    Cheers. Kim*

  12. hotmilkforbreakfast- you talk a lot about hunger, but if the hunger sensation is screwed up and you can’t separate ‘real’ hunger from hormonal hunger? And tell me- if it is so easy to lose weight by eating less and exercise more, would there really be any fat people? Why isn’t the world full of fit, healthy people? Do you really think _anyone_ wants to be fat? Honestly?
    And please forgive me, but to use yourself as an example is not very scientific. First of all you are a man, and I think we can agree on that there are significant differences between the sexes.
    There are plenty to read out there to understand why we are about to lose generations to obesity, diabetes etc etc and it has nothing to do with peoples choices but mybe more to what we are taught.

    You can start here:

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