Variety’s the very spice of life,
That gives it all its flavour.”
William Cowper: The Task (1785) – ‘The Timepiece’ (Book II, lines 606-7)


Perhaps one of the strongest motivations for running different distances, at different paces and over different routes when I train is simply the desire for variety.

Without it we become bored, complacent, indifferent.

But it also educates our muscles in such a way that doing the same old thing day-in and day-out cannot.

So different distances may simply mean doing 6km one day and 8km on another. Rather than 7km on each day.

Different paces may mean running at “half-marathon race pace” one day and then a slow, “recovery pace” the next.

And different routes may involve finding a flat, easy circuit to do a fast 7km on one day and then running up and down hilly trails on another.

The challenge then becomes how to integrate all of this into a program that will maximise long-term results.

Kim | marathon runner


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