perceived rate of exertion

When I’m running I always like to use a heart rate monitor.

I don’t necessarily keep a close eye on my heart rate (HR) but glancing at it every now-and-again means I maintain my level of exercise within a predetermined target band.

There is an alternative measure that is more subjective called the Perceived Rate of Exertion (PRE).

For me it’s a scale that coincidentally equates pretty closely to my heart rate: 100 + (PRE x 10).

Thus I’ll warm-up at a PRE of 23 and then do an aerobic run at a PRE of 35.

If I’m running at a heart rate of 150 then I find I can talk but it’s not conversational. So I treat this as a limit. To go faster means I’m leaving the aerobic zone and climbing into the anaerobic zone.

Keep in mind that your heart rate is affected by hills, heat and humidity – and the subsequent dehydration that can occur – as well as altitude.

It’s a simple way of ensuring that those runs that should be easy to moderate don’t end up being too hard.

Kim | marathon runner


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