the planets have aligned

It’s a Monday. It’s the first of the month. It’s time to get serious about nutrition again.

What’s more, Christmas is around the corner and it’ll be a horrible start to the New Year if I’m another one or two kgs heavier than I am now rather than one or two kgs lighter.

What I’ve come to realise is that it’s all too easy to ignore good eating habits once we reach a goal weight.

We slacken off. Going back to old ways. Getting hooked on junk food once again.

At least this has been the case for me.

Since achieving my target weight of 70 kgs many, many moons ago I’ve been up-and-down a few kgs a few times.

So my plan is to refocus this month on eating good food.

Removing the bad elements of my diet.

And re-examining what specifically worked for me in the past.

A number of people I know have also been trying to shed a few kgs of their own so hopefully this summary of my new research will assist them too.

So stay tuned as I update this blog daily with my latest tips & tricks and wade through the miasma of bullshit regarding weight-loss.

Kim | 73.7


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