Bose QuietComfort 20i acoustic noise canceling headphones

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made is this great little pair of noise canceling headphones.


I spent some time researching the various makes and models on the market and Bose seemed to come out on top more often than not.

It then came down to whether I wanted the bigger ones that completely cover the ears, or the in-ear ones.

I decided on the latter after trying on the former because I can wear them walking, running and sleeping, especially when on a plane: sleeping that is.

Discreet. Comfortable. Effective.

Pure bliss!

Kim | 72.4


snacks: a gift from God?

‘I believe in a benevolent God not because He created the Grand Canyon or Michelangelo, but because He gave us snacks.’ Paul Rudnick (I Shudder and Other Reactions to Life, Death, and New Jersey)

Snacks are a two-edged sword.

They can provide a much needed energy boost between meals. Or they can be something we do when we’re bored.

Whilst we should be able to go 35 hours between meals without too much trouble, it can be good to have a Plan B up our sleeve.

So the trick is then deciding what to snack on that is beneficial to our health.

I stand by my previous post on this subject that the 3 best options are:

1. A hard-boiled egg

2. A piece of fruit

3. A handful of nuts

Does anyone else have any great suggestions that are easy to carry and involve minimal preparation?

Kim | 73.3

weigh-in | week 144


Mmmmm. Definitely not a good week.

I’ve attended Christmas parties almost every day which has seen me consuming too much of everything I should be avoiding.

Fortunately, the temptation to over-indulge is now over. At least until Christmas Day.

Back on the wagon!

Kim | 74.2

garmin forerunner 620

Just like my old GPS heart rate monitor, this little beauty is invaluable.


I don’t monitor my speed all the time but it does provide useful feedback after a run.

And during an event, such as my recent rebel Run Sydney 10k, it can really help me stay on target pace like it did last month.

A small step-up from the previous model, the 620 seems to lock on the GPS satellites quicker.

Yet I still use it pretty much like I did the last model: pace, heart rate, cadence.

It has a couple of other cool features too: recovery and VO2 Max.

The first indicates how long I should rest before running another hard session.

The second predicts my race times over a handful of distances based on what it calculates as my overall level of fitness.

And I love that!

Kim | 73.4


I love leftovers.

Apparently my son doesn’t do leftovers. I’m not sure why. Who can really understand the mind of a teenager?

But I think they’re brilliant.

Cold lamb. Cold chicken. Cold ham.

They’re ideal as a means to discourage eating the wrong thing.

Saves on cooking. Saves time. Saves money.

And that’s perfect when trying to lose weight.

Kim | 73.4

weigh-in | week 143


Not a great start. My weight has literally gone nowhere since the beginning of the week.

I’ve managed to stay away from obvious sugar products: soft drink, lollies, chocolate etc.

But there’s still plenty of hidden sucrose in many products. So next week I’ll tackle that issue more seriously.

Onward and downward.

Kim | 73.7

the big fat surprise

I can’t believe we’re still being taught that polyunsaturated fats, artificially made from seed oils and intrinsically high in omega-6, are better than saturated fats, naturally occurring in meat, fish, nuts etc and beneficially high in omega-3 (assuming the animals are not grain-fed).

The book, The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, debunks this myth that has been perpetuated for the last generation.

It helpfully analyses the scientific evidence accumulated over the past decade, encouraging the reader to make their own conclusions.

I already knew a lot about this subject but this book cemented my understanding on it.

Ironically, if you want to lose body fat, you need to eat more fat, and replace processed carbohydrates in the process.

But not just any kind of fat. You need to make sure they’re the right ones.

Still don’t believe me? Fair enough.

Then read this book and then tell me what you think. It’s a real eye-opener.

Kim | 73.5