dry july

I’ve been busy reading a well written, very informative, and often amusing book called High Sobriety by Jill Stark.

Whilst I initially thought it was about the problems of teenagers and twenty-something’s binge drinking I now understand that the problem of alcohol over-consumption is pervasive amongst all age groups, even if not necessarily to the same extent as our youth.

And whilst I do not consider myself a heavy drinker – as I don’t even drink alcohol every day nor more than 3 or 4 drinks at any one time – I’m sure it will do my liver good to take a break.

Yet the idea of a dry july has been around for a while. To quote their website, the not-for-profit organisation is “determined to improve the lives of adults living with cancer through an online social community giving up booze for the month of July.”

What’s more, the campaign provides a “chance to raise awareness of individual drinking habits, the value of a balanced healthy lifestyle, a personal challenge, encourage positive change and an awareness of a healthy attitude to alcohol consumption.”

Sometimes we need to break our old habits if we want to see lasting change in our lives.

So join me if you will. If you think you’re up for the challenge?

Kim | 75.2