dear diary

A clever idea my wife uses when being mindful of what she eats (that’s a cute way of saying “when she’s on a diet”) is to keep a food diary.

Personally, rather than record every tiny morsel that passes my lips, I prefer to jot-down the naughty (though many would say “nice”) things: homemade shortbread, Lindt chocolate balls, Christmas pudding, a nice big glass of Coonawarra red. The list is endless.

This way it’s no longer an onerous chore.

I personally think it’s crazy, time-consuming, and plain unnecessary to count calories.

Pedantically entering every single bite or sip is quite simply unnatural. Like, who does that?

But highlighting transgressions does provide effective feedback. Like the Fitbit app discussed yesterday, at a glance I can see where I’ve gone off-the-rails.

And on those days when I’ve been eating generally healthy food I can see the entry is completely blank.

Clean. Pristine. Untainted.

I think it looks nice that way.

Kim | 73.0