planning prevents potential pitfalls

‘He does have surprising, secret purposes. I open a Bible, and His plans, startling, lie there barefaced. It’s hard to believe it, when I read it, and I have to come back to it many times, feel long across those words, make sure they are real. His love letter forever silences any doubts: “His secret purpose framed from the very beginning [is] to bring us to our full glory” (1 Corinthians 2:7 NEB).’ Ann Voskamp (One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are)

A well thought out plan is a wonderful thing.

It’s a firm purpose. A clear direction. A predetermined course of action .

Gods’ plans are for our good. But we cannot begin to imagine what He has in-store for us.

Yet we can learn from His infinite wisdom. By planning according to His will.

Yet plans are definitely my weak point at the moment.

I need to think ahead and prepare my healthy snacks.

I need to take the leftovers to work.

I need to have a strategy in place when eating out.

See. I’m making plans as I write.

Kim | 73.1


dear diary

A clever idea my wife uses when being mindful of what she eats (that’s a cute way of saying “when she’s on a diet”) is to keep a food diary.

Personally, rather than record every tiny morsel that passes my lips, I prefer to jot-down the naughty (though many would say “nice”) things: homemade shortbread, Lindt chocolate balls, Christmas pudding, a nice big glass of Coonawarra red. The list is endless.

This way it’s no longer an onerous chore.

I personally think it’s crazy, time-consuming, and plain unnecessary to count calories.

Pedantically entering every single bite or sip is quite simply unnatural. Like, who does that?

But highlighting transgressions does provide effective feedback. Like the Fitbit app discussed yesterday, at a glance I can see where I’ve gone off-the-rails.

And on those days when I’ve been eating generally healthy food I can see the entry is completely blank.

Clean. Pristine. Untainted.

I think it looks nice that way.

Kim | 73.0

going cold-turkey for Thanksgiving

OK. So Thanksgiving was last weekend. And I’m not American. Both are minor details. I think my heading sounds catchy.

More importantly, first-things-first.

I need to kick my sugar habit.

I’ve spoken often enough about how it is probably the single biggest factor behind my weight-gain (and most likely your extra lbs too).

But for a better understanding you would do well to read (or re-read as I have done many-a-time) the book called Sweet Poison by David Gillespie. It does a much better job of explaining it all than I could ever hope to do.

Now some people find it best to slowly ween themselves off the white stuff. Others – like me – prefer to go cold-turkey.

It’s a personal preference but I know I’m more likely to succeed in breaking the cycle if I take an all-or-nothing approach.

Yet that is perhaps a reflection of my personality as well.

Either way, I find it necessary to be completely determined to achieve a result, rather than putting in a half-hearted effort. Otherwise I know I’m more likely to lapse.

So my mind is set.


Kim | 72.4

goals | december


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It’s been a while since I last updated this blog and a lot has happened.

Although I finally achieved my weigh-in target last year it has drifted a little since then.

And my Japanese has taken a back-seat in the last month.

What’s more, I was doing pretty well updating my three blogs but since my return to Sydney they have not been a priority. Unfortunately, everyday life has crowded out my creative outlet.

However, I did manage to maintain my training and complete the Rebel 10k Run.

So all-in-all I am satisfied with my accomplishments.

I think one reason I’m feeling some lack of direction is because I have not set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART) goals.

So I have decided, with a new month on hand, to buckle-down and create a comprehensive set-of-goals for the rest of the year, starting with two major priorities.

A. Do not overcommit by having too many goals.

They need to be realistic and achievable. Otherwise I’m just setting myself up to fail.

B. Once my goals for the month are set, I need to generate a plan of action.

To outline in detail (in my calendar) when I’m going to run, study, photograph, and blog. It may be that after doing this I see there’s too much given the limited time available.

OK. So, with this in mind, I’m going to create new goals for both November and December. Wish me luck:

1. weigh-in at 70kg

2. complete & pass Japanese Language: Certificate I TAFE Course
3. learn to read & write a total of 1000 Japanese Kanji characters

4. create outline for portrait photograph project
4. update all three blogs once a week

6. run 21m15s PB for 5km
7. run 44m30s PB for 10km

8. 50 push-ups
9. 6-minute plank

Phew. It’s going to be a busy couple of months.

Kim | 72.8

the “I Quit Sugar” ebook

If you’re looking for a useful, easy-to-follow guide on how to break your sugar addiction then I highly recommend the “I Quit Sugar” ebook by Sarah Wilson.

Based on an 8-week plan it outlines the “why?” as well as the “how?” without getting too technical.

The ebook is packed-full of helpful tips and ideas and supplemented with her personal experiences in kicking the habit.

Check out her website to learn more.

You can even sign-up for an 8-week program if that would give you the added motivation to get started.

And if you don’t think you need to give-up sugar then try it for a week or two. See how you go. You’ve got nothing to lose: except a few pounds of course!

Kim | marathon runner

dry july

I’ve been busy reading a well written, very informative, and often amusing book called High Sobriety by Jill Stark.

Whilst I initially thought it was about the problems of teenagers and twenty-something’s binge drinking I now understand that the problem of alcohol over-consumption is pervasive amongst all age groups, even if not necessarily to the same extent as our youth.

And whilst I do not consider myself a heavy drinker – as I don’t even drink alcohol every day nor more than 3 or 4 drinks at any one time – I’m sure it will do my liver good to take a break.

Yet the idea of a dry july has been around for a while. To quote their website, the not-for-profit organisation is “determined to improve the lives of adults living with cancer through an online social community giving up booze for the month of July.”

What’s more, the campaign provides a “chance to raise awareness of individual drinking habits, the value of a balanced healthy lifestyle, a personal challenge, encourage positive change and an awareness of a healthy attitude to alcohol consumption.”

Sometimes we need to break our old habits if we want to see lasting change in our lives.

So join me if you will. If you think you’re up for the challenge?

Kim | 75.2




In the coming month I’m going to rewrite my goals and put into action strategies to make them a reality.

Carefully considering the many options I will make a conscious effort to resist temptations through a determined display of willpower.

This will, of course, require tactics to avoid previous triggers and a relapse into bad old habits.

But I will succeed. Or die trying 😉

Kim | marathon runner