weigh-in | week 149


OK. Time to get serious again …

Kim | 73.6


weigh-in | week 148


The week started well and then …

Still, I’m not overly disappointed as I know only too well that a slow & steady progress will get me there in the end.

Kim | 73.4

weigh-in | week 144


Mmmmm. Definitely not a good week.

I’ve attended Christmas parties almost every day which has seen me consuming too much of everything I should be avoiding.

Fortunately, the temptation to over-indulge is now over. At least until Christmas Day.

Back on the wagon!

Kim | 74.2

weigh-in | week 143


Not a great start. My weight has literally gone nowhere since the beginning of the week.

I’ve managed to stay away from obvious sugar products: soft drink, lollies, chocolate etc.

But there’s still plenty of hidden sucrose in many products. So next week I’ll tackle that issue more seriously.

Onward and downward.

Kim | 73.7